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Who Dares Rolls

If you want to know more about the board game scene in the UK, head over to Who Dares Rolls and check out their articles and reviews.  We highly recommend the Who Dares Rolls podcast (available on iTunes) as an entertaining and expletive-filled discussion of board gaming.

Who Dares Rolls

Shut Up and Sit Down

If you’re looking for funny board game video reviews, then to be honest you’ll struggle as most of them aren’t that funny. But Shut Up and Sit Down‘s videos are funny so you should watch them. The podcast is also worth your while, an easy listening overview of the latest games filled with a generous dollop of wit.

Shut up and Sit down

Where to buy games

Masters Traditional Games

Masters Games have a whole bunch of board games and tabletop games from yesteryear, including some very nice quality Crokinole tables.

Masters Games

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