The most nostalgic classic board games

The games listed below may have their flaws, but we forgive them. They they are the board games we remember. They are the games we gathered around for hours, laughing, crying, arguing, and losing. They are the classic board games we cannot forget.

Monopoly banner


Classic board game moment: Feeling wicked joy in your heart as your opponent lands on Mayfair, sporting one of your recently-placed ruby-red hotels.

Cluedo banner


Classic board game moment: Being shown one of your final two suspects from an opponent’s hand – it must be Professor Plum!

Guess Who banner

Guess who

Classic board game moment: Sensing your opponent is about to deduce your character, you make a last ditch guess at Daniel, and you are right!

Game of life banner

Game of life

Classic board game moment: Pulling your miniature car into the final stretch, to retire at a happy old age with enough toy cash to enjoy the rest of your virtual life in the lap of luxury.

Trivial pursuit banner

Trivial pursuit

Classic board game moment: Answering the question before the question asker has even finished, then following up with some related trivia just to show you can

Scrabble banner


Classic board game moment: After several fruitless minutes of tile-shuffling, spotting a fifty-pointer to put you in the lead.

Risk banner


Classic board game moment: Making a decisive push into enemy territory and finding the dice rolls in your favour, crushing your enemy.

Battleships banner


Classic board game moment: After the fourth successive hit, striking again and realising with vicious glee that you are about to sink the aircraft carrier!

Boggle banner


Classic board game moment: Humbly unveiling a seven-letter beauty in the scoring phase

Frustration banner


Classic board game moment: Slamming the Pop-o-matic!

To find out which games have stood the test of time and still rate as great games today, check out our list of the best classic board games.

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